ATV carriers can transport your exness mt5 ATV, quad, 
or golf cart behind an RV, pick up truck, motor home, or SUV without the
hassles of a quad trailer.

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Motor Homes / RVs / Pick Ups

Have an ATV but don’t want to mt5 use a trailer?
 This ATV carrier mounts in your vehicle’s Class 4 two inch receiver. Just  pull out the built in extender, which takes the place of ATV ramps, tilt the ATV carrier, drive on, and  secure your ATV.  Your ATV or quad, or four wheeler will ride securely behind your motor home, truck, van, RV, or SUV.  

The tilting feature makes an ATV ramp unnecessary. You can drive right onto this ATV carrier, secure it 
on the rack , and go ! 


The 700/ARV ATV carrier, hinges at the hitch, allowing this ATV carrier rack to lift and float when the vehicle drives through ditches or large dips. A great feature for those 4x4 enthusiasts driving in the rough back country. It also takes up minimal space by allowing for vertical storage on the vehicle when it's not in use.



  • Locks level for safe transportation.

  • Durable weatherproof brake and signal lights.

  • Folds up when not in use.




Our 700/ARV is a favorite with our customers with motor homes. 
Rated for 700 lbs. maximum weight, but has been successfully tested with over 1000 lbs.

  • The Tilt feature eliminates the need for separate ramps.

  • It tilts to passenger side for loading/unloading away from traffic.

  • It is manufactured with aluminum
  • The 700RV weighs only 210 lbs.

  • Requires a 2 inch frame-mounted, 
    class 4 or greater, 1000-lb. tongue-wt.-rated receiver hitch, on a 1/2 ton or larger vehicle.


The deck extender pulls out from under the unit, reducing the angle of incline on taller vehicles.

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Tilt-a-Rack® provides a great alternative to traditional ATV

A wide variety of equipment can be easily loaded and transported 
on our utility racks,

See Directions Diagram

All Aluminum







   with shipping 

700  ARV
 ATV Rack

700 lbs 12" from receiver
to edge of rack



120 lbs



 ATV Rack

500 lbs 12" from receiver
to edge of rack



95 lbs


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Optional bogie wheel attaches to the front of the rack. This allows the user to hitch, unhitch, and maneuver it without lifting or carrying. It's removed and stored in an out-of-the-way location on the rack when the rack is attached to the vehicle.

Boogie Wheel

Makes attaching carrier to hitch a one man operation.
Not used when hauling.


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888 572-7959