ATV rack with ATV ramps or ATV carrier which is used as an ATV rack with
 ATV ramps or ATV carrier to load your ATV onto your pick up truck bed.

ATV Rack with ATV Ramps

Full Size Bed

ATV carrier with ATV ramps

This ATV carrier with ATV ramps is a great loader to load 2 ATVs 
 into your pick up truck. You still have your pick up truck bed ready for storage and you have your receiver hitch available to pull a trailer.

This ATV rack permits you to carry 2 ATVs or Quads while keeping your pick up truck bed available for storing your gear. This ATV rack with ATV ramps will work on short or long bed pick ups.

This ATV carrier is designed to carry 1 or 2 ATVs above your truck bed while the weight is borne by your truck bed. It can be attached or removed in a matter of minutes.

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The ATV rack comes with 10 foot long ramps which reduces the incline while loading or unloading, and the ATV ramps secure to the rack with no risk of falling off while loading your ATV or Quad.  

The rack is of quality construction. The deck is made of diamond plate aluminum for great looks and durability. You will get many years of service from this Ultimate ATV carrier.

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  • You can ... carry two ATVs on the truck,

  • pull a trailer while carrying two ATVs,

  • use the bed space to store gear or cargo,

  • install the rack in minutes by yourself,

  • disassemble the rack in minutes for easy storage.

  • The rack does not rest on the bedrails of the truck.

  • The rack has 10-foot long ramps.

  • The ramps store on the rack under the loaded ATVs.

  • The rack and ramps are made of steel and aluminum.

  • The rack and ramps are powder coated black with an orange peel finish.

  • The rack, from left to right is 96" wide, and carries most configurations of any two stock ATVs currently sold.

  • The ATVs face forward, saving fender damage caused by wind.

  • The ATVs face forward conserving fuel while traveling


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