diamond plate aluminum cargo carrier

 SUV and RV
Cargo Carrier

 swing away carrier

Cargo carrier factory direct 
selection, where you can choose a hitch mount cargo carrier 
for any SUV or RV.

Hitch cargo carriers provide
safe extra cargo storage. Why use difficult rooftop luggage carriers? 
Our cargo carriers offer a ground level hitch mount cargo solution for storage of your cargo 
designed for
safe loading. Slide
a cargo carrier into your receiver hitch and the cargo carrier
 is all set to haul anything you want without having to access the roof of your vehicle.

We feature swing away SUV and RV cargo carrier for easy access to your RV or SUV,  available as an 
aluminum box RV cargo carrier or as a composite box SUV cargo carrier. These are dual purpose carriers
 as you receive a deck carrier and a cargo box for the price of one.
Compare  a 20 cubic foot carrier or a smaller hitch mount cargo carrier.
These are cargo carriers from the top manufacturers. Top of the line cargo carrier that mounts on your 
pick up truck, SUV, or RV to use for work or play. Some will mount on  your motor home and will carry
several hundred pounds from lawn chairs to sporting equipment, in a weatherproof and secure locked 
composite pod. You can also flat tow a vehicle.

These cargo carriers  are the finest available. You can stowaway your sporting gear, bikes,
camping equipment, or whatever you want, in a weatherproof and totally enclosed and locked container. 
Perfect for play and great for work



Cargo Carrier
Have it your way ! Design your own
 by choosing the 
components you want and
Check them out !


Versatility and Value
Whether you need a model for work or play,  Route 66 let's you design the one that's right for you. You can 
choose from a composite or aluminum box, to  regular or swing away  mount. 

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