Aluminum Cargo Carrier Box

Composite swing away carrier

The cargo carrier by Route 66 is a hitch receiver cargo carrier for your 
RV or SUV.

Work or Play

These are the most versatile and cost effective cargo carriers available. 

  • Available with standard mount or swing away mount
  • All cargo boxes are removable.
  • All cargo carriers can be used as an enclosed 
    carrier or as an open platform carrier.

Swing away cargo carrier

Composite cargo box

  • Cargo carrier boxes available in aluminum diamond plate or composite.
  • Weatherproof and lockable for added security.
  • Platform tilts out of way when not in use.

The choice is yours!
These Route 66 cargo carriers were designed with good old common sense. You can use them as an enclosed cargo carrier or platform . You can take a few items from the carrier or unload the whole box at once. Go with the aluminum diamond plate cargo box, or save with the composite box.
The Route 66 Cargo Carrier mounts into your 2 receiver hitch. Your gear is accessible for loading and unloading at ground
level, not way up on top of your vehicle. This is a must with any RV or SUV.

2 for 1

The other cargo carrier manufacturers mount their boxes on a simple frame that only holds their box. Route 66
cargo carriers mount the boxes on a full platform carrier which adds great versatility and 
you don't get charged an extra $100 as is the case with other manufacturers. When you compare, you will see 
that the only thing to stow away with this carrier is your cash.

Cargo Carriers

The Suburban
Same features and construction as the 
Interstater cargo carrier. The only difference 
is the box is composite instead of aluminum. 
Available with standard mount, also. 
Dimensions: 48" x 22.5" x 22.5"


The Interstater
Top of the line swing away model for full vehicle 
access with weather proof aluminum diamond 
plate cargo box. Available with standard mount, also.
Dimensions: 48" x 24" x 26"

The Town & Country
The base cargo platform for all our carriers.
This is a
swing away mount platform. 

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