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Frequently Asked Questions

Question :  Will the carrier damage my seat ?

Answer   : No. It hasn't bothered our seats at all, and no customer has reported any damage to their seat. A few customers and "Super Hunky "give themselves some extra piece of mind by placing a piece of foam or soft material like a towel between the seat and the Vertical Pressure Arm. 


Question : Will your carrier clear my spare tire on the rear of my vehicle ?

Answer    : Yes. We have designed the carrier to sit back far enough to clear the spare tires that we find on many S.U.V.s and other tow vehicles. We also ask on our order form for the type of tow vehicle, the type of dirt bike, and do you have a rear mounted spare tire on your vehicle. We also call everyone who orders a carrier from us, before we process their order, which gives us the opportunity to double check the information so when you receive your carrier, it will be ready to go.
We also sell many carriers to the RV owners. Because of the different vehicle configurations, we take extra care, and  if there is any question, we ask the buyer to take measurements, so we get it right the first time.


Question      :  Can you fold the vertical support down to access the hatch on an SUV?

Answer        :  No. We decided to make the Vertical Pressure Arm a non-removable item, so we could get " Rock Steady " on the vertical support with no play from a removable fitting. The carrier only weighs 35 pounds. You can pull the pin on the stinger, and remove the whole carrier in no time flat.  Now, you also have total clearance to the rear of your S.U.V.
It's as easy to put back, when you are ready to load up. Remember, no fooling with Tie Downs. Just roll it up the ramp, pin it, and you 're gone.

Question   :  Why don't you make your carrier from ordinary steel, like most other dirt bike carriers, rather than Aircraft quality aluminum,  so I can buy it cheaper ? 

Answer      :  We asked ourselves the same question during our research, design, and testing of our carrier. First, our background is in marine engineering of T-tops and Flying Bridges for sports fishing boats, and we know  using cheaper inferior materials cost the buyer more, as the products will not last.. Second, we wanted to make " The Best Motorcycle Carrier Ever " .

The ads you see for Discount Carriers basically mean made from steel. They weigh from 75 pounds to over 100 pounds. That adds from 40 to 60 pounds more on the back of your tow vehicle, which you don't want. Their prices have to include freight of these heavy carriers which goes to the shipping company, not into the quality of the product as it does with our carrier.

By the time you add the freight and strap package to the discount carriers, you will  pay as much or a little more than our carrier, and you will get and an inferior and a cheaper carrier.


Question :   Where are you located and how soon will I receive the carrier ?

We are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl., and invite you to stop by if you are in the area. It will take from 1 to 5 days via UPS. Florida  / 1 day // West Coast 5 days. Remember, when we get your order, we always call you before we ship. We ship the same day that we confirm your order, directly from the factory here in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl..


Question :  Will your carrier fit my RV hitch receiver ?

Answer :    Yes. Our stinger fits 2" hitch receivers. If you have a larger size, we can recommend the proper adapter which costs about $18.00 or less. These are standard adapters and are available from most large hitch manufacturers.


Question : Can I still tow a trailer or another vehicle while using your carrier ?

Answer   :  That depends. In theory by using an extended pass thru stinger with the carrier, with a hitch receiver on the end, you can. Most people can picture a pick up truck bed camper that is longer than the bed of the truck, and have seen them towing trailers or vehicles. This is accomplished by using an extension of  2 or 3 feet.
It would be necessary to have the extended stinger go thru the carrier or mount the carrier on top of the extension.

Here comes the tricky part. One must watch the limits for the weight on their particular hitch and vehicle. While a Class 3 hitch could be rated for 500 pounds, if you mounted it on a Chevette, and expected to be able to carry 500 pounds on your carrier, you better see a shrink or " Monster Garage ".

Assuming that you have a tow vehicle that is rated to carry 500 pounds on your hitch, while not endangering YOU or anybody else on the highways and byways,  including us, once you put that load at an extended distance from your receiver, you have decreased the load rating by around 50%. You need to add 35 pounds [ for the carrier ] and the weight of your bike to determine your load weight. So if you are carrying more than 250 pounds, you probably shouldn't.

Now, you must add the tongue weight of whatever it is that you plan to tow. So if you have a small bike, a small trailer, or a vehicle being towed in a manner that adds no tongue weight, you could stay within the recommended tongue weight specified by the manufacturer of your hitch.

If your RV or tow vehicle has a hitch rated for more tongue weight like a 1000 pounds, you have a better safety margin for all concerned. There are extenders for 2" receivers manufactured by hitch companies like "Reese", while not being " Shade Tree Mechanic " inexpensive, they are professionally designed and manufactured for this extension application.

Remember, the idea is to have fun and be safe. You can tow, and bring your bike too, if you have the right equipment. If you are not sure, please contact us, and we will help you to determine if you have the right setup. We sell all the carriers that we can make, and we would rather pass on the sale of one of our carriers, being used in a questionable towing configuration, as we might be driving behind you. Remember, we all share the roads !




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