Announcing the arrival of the
Heavy Lift Motorcycle Carrier

Powered Motorcycle Carrier designed to haul large bikes and flat tow a vehicle.
We have had numerous requests for uang an RV motorcycle carrier that would haul motorcycles from 
500 to 1000 pounds, that would safely load at ground level and have a power lift, that would still 
have the capability to flat tow a vehicle, that would be simple to install, and that would not cost 
as much as the C5A above.

The C5A Receiver Hitch

The heart of the C5A is our proprietary receiver mount. This is swapped out with your current hitch
receiver at your local hitch shop. Our receiver adds three additional receivers for the motorcycle and 
leaves one for your flat tow.

Once the C5A receiver hitch is mounted, usually in a trading couple of hours, the C5A motorcycle carrier
is attached to the receiver, and power is wired to the unit. 

Installation Diagram
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Hitch Assemblywww.gif (27625 bytes)

Installation & Operating 

The C5A Powered Motorcycle Carrier

The carrier itself is stout. The C5A lift actuator is rated for 3000 pounds. It easily lifts
a 1000 pounds with little strain on the unit. Once your bike is lifted to cruising altitude, the two additional
 stingers are attached, and the weight of your motorcycle is distributed on three stingers.
Attach your tow bar to the empty receiver, and you can safely flat tow practically any vehicle.

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Customer Pictures

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C5A Carrier
with Hitch Assembly

shipping included

With Bike Pro Chock
Add $180

Please call or e-mail us with your vehicle information, and we will advise
and answer any questions that you might have. 

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