Motorcycle Carrier

RV Motorcycle Carrier designed as a carrier to haul one motorcycle up to 
1000 pounds behind your RV and tow a car too.

A Motorcycle Carrier  for your Motor Home or RV.
 Tow your Car too !

Want to haul your motorcycle but don’t want the problems of pulling a trailer.  Well, the RV motorcycle carrier is a Rock of Gibraltar solution.  This is a motorcycle carrier, which mounts using your vehicle’s two-inch receiver, and 2 additional stingers.  Simply roll your motorcycle up the carrier’s ramps and use straps to secure. Your precious motorcycle rides safely behind your RV or Motor Home.  

Only the best for your motorcycle! The RV motorcycle carrier is made of aluminum and stainless steel.  Manufactured with high precision techniques, the RV carrier is made strong and reliable. This is a no nonsense RV motorcycle carrier that will haul up to a 1000 pounds of Harley, large touring bike, Sport bike, or whatever you ride.

The manufacturer of this RV carrier developed this carrier in conjunction with their main business, tow bars and related towing products. The installation simply involves attaching two additional stingers to your coach. You can tow your vehicle safely, also, based on their expertise in the towing industry.

 “TOWING 101”


If you have a Motor home or RV, this motorcycle carrier is a must. Carry your sport, road, or dirt bike up to a 1000 lbs.

It will ride safe and secure, and you can tow your vehicle safely, also. Light weight aluminum will last for years.

Push your bike up the included ramp, secure the motorcycle on the carrier with straps, and hook up your tow vehicle.

This is the big motorcycle carrier for the the big toys. Strong, dependable, and nothing to break or wear out. It will give you years of trouble free service.

We can ship you the carrier, and any competent Hitch shop or RV dealer can install this unit in about 3 hours.

   Aluminum RV Motorcycle Carrier

Its the fastest and easiest way to mount a motorcycle on your motor home or bus. This carrier is made of lightweight aluminum that will not rust and is easy to install and remove. An adjustable width tire stop makes it easy to change configurations for different sized motorcycles. The aluminum carrier does not interfere with vehicle towing.

Mounts on motor homes/buses. Tie down brackets included.

Lightweight aluminum, fits most motorcycles.

Easy to remove


Installation Instructions

Let us know what motor home or RV, and what motorcycle, you have.
We will help advise you on the proper equipment.



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This Motorcycle carrier will give you years of  
Trouble Free Service
as there are no moving parts. The whole project with professional installation 
should cost around a 
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