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" No Tie Downs "


" Pleastantly Surprised "

" Patented "

" bikes not coming off that carrier ! "

# 4 of their
101 Most Innovative
Products OF 2002

Our motorcycle carrier mounts in your 2 inch receiver. 
The most secure carrier for your off road dirt bike. If you don't want to use a motorcycle trailer, our motorcycle carrier is the patented answer. Just push it up the ramp, into the carrier, and you don't use tie downs !
Your dirt, Enduro, or Motocross bike will easily run up the motorcycle carrier’s ramp, and use our patented Vertical Pressure Arm to secure. We included a ramp  which stores right on the carrier.

We did the Math
If you analyze the old fashioned dinosaur dirt bike or motorcycle carriers
out there made from about 70 pounds of iron. Take their price, then
Add shipping, tie downs, and  ramps
You can buy our motorcycle carrier made from 
35 pounds of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel that doesn't use tie downs, and
loads in twenty seconds

For the Same or Less Money

See our
F.A.Q. Section

Single Dirt Bike Carrier
No Tie Downs Needed

  • Uses only the bikes suspension system for hold down power using the patented "Vertical Pressure Arm"

  • No tie downs necessary

  • Load bike in 30 seconds or less and drive away.

  • Use for any 60cc to 650cc Dirt Bike, Motorcross, or Enduro class motorcycle - 500 pound capacity.


  • Works on any 2 inch class 3 trailer hitch or above

  • Weighs only 35 lbs., channel 70" X 6".

  • Made from 6061 aircraft aluminum, Black powder coated finish

  • Assembles in less than 5 minutes with only 6 stainless steel bolts.

  • Includes ramp which stows between bike wheels in motorcycle carrier channel

  • Includes acrylic pad to protect finish against foot pegs.

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • Workmanship & Structural Integrity

    Guaranteed For Life


including ramp & shipping
888 572-7959