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 Our Tilt A Rack motorcycle carriers will haul your exness mt5 motorcycle using your hitch receiver to secure the carriers while hauling a dirt bike,
 a mini cycle, a sport bike up to 600 pounds.

It Tilts 
for Easy Loading !

Motorcycle and dirt bike carriers by Tilt-A-Rack for your dirt bike, or off road motorcycle.  No need for motorcycle trailers.  Tilt the carrier, push your bike onto the carrier, secure, and go !

The Tilt-a-Rack motorcycle carriers mount into a vehicle's 2 " hitch receiver, tilt for easy loading. The ramp extension is built in. No need for separate motorcycle ramps. Pull out the ramp extension, tilt the carrier, roll on your bike, secure, and you are gone without using a motorcycle trailer!

Rack your bike in seconds!

  • Just hook up the rack to your 2" receiver hitch, pull out the extension, and unlatch the tilt.

  • Push the cycle up the exness mt5 32 bit download rack, and the rack latches level.

  • Tie it down, push in the extension, and you're ready to go! (While the other guys are still trying to maneuver their trailers and pulling out the ramps.)


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Dirt-bike Tilt-a-Rack is a tilt able cycle carrier that hitches to a frame-mounted 2" class III or better
 receiver hitch. It is designed for transporting a wide range of Moto-Cross, Enduro, and other off-road bikes, all the way from pocket bikes (est. 54 lbs) to the big scramblers up in the 400-lb. range. 
The wheel channel is 6' long x 5" wide. This rack allows you to carry your cycle behind the smaller space used by sports vehicles because it only weighs 88 lbs. You hardly realize it is back there.

Motorcycle Carrier Diagram

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Model 210ACR  
Mini Cycle Carrier 
same as Model 410CR with
200 lb. load weight limit
60" X 5" X 2" channel

Model 410ACR 
Motorcycle & 
Dirt Bike Carrier

400 lb. load weight limit
75" X 5" X 2" channel

Model 610ACR 
 Sport Bike Carrier

same as Model 410CR with 
600 lb. load weight limit

Model 720CR 
Two-place cycle Tilt-a-Rack allows two motorcycles, with a combined weight of up to 700 lbs, to be easily carried behind your vehicle. It has two individual tilting decks that tilt in opposite directions. This balances the load and allows for a more compact rack where the handlebars don't get in each other's way. You get a lot of carrying power and free your pickup bed for all your other necessities. Get it now, and you'll be ready for all the upcoming rallies!

Note: Because of the additional tongue weight, attach Model 720CR  Tilt-a-Rack to a heavier vehicle, ton or greater, and use a class IV or V hitch.

See Directions Diagram 


Great for Scooters !

Aluminum Carriers


Max Weight




shipping incl.

1-Place Mini Cycle Carrier

200 lbs.

12" from receiver to edge of rack

60" X 5" X 2"

40 lbs.


1-Place Cycle Carrier

400 lbs.

18" from receiver to edge of rack

75" X 5" X 2"

47 lbs.


1-Place Sports Bike Carrier

600 lbs.

17" from receiver to edge of rack

84" X 5" X 2"

60 lbs.


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