Motorcycle chocks are replaced by this frame
 grabber and you'll never need motorcycle straps again.

Motorcycle Chocks

No More Straps !

Set It and Forget It !


It won't move !

There are no straps needed to hold the back of the bike. In fact there are 
no other straps any where on the bike. The anchor points on the frame and 
the trailer creates an equilibrium to hold the bike upright and forward, 
resulting in a stable, balanced or unchanging system.

 Soft Tails, Dynas, & Touring

The Locking system fits most Harley-Davidson
 and Metric Cruisers with two down tubes type
 frames of 1",  1 1/8" or 1 1/4"

Please call for information on the model for your
 Harley or Metric Cruiser.

888 572-7959
8 AM to 11 PM EST



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