Swivel wheel trailer reduces your tongue weight loading
 by 50%.



Rotating Wheel Trailer

Does not Jack Knife !

Reduce tongue weight by 50%

Complete with exness mt5 adjustable Hitch adapter. 
Plugs into existing receiver, no installation  costs!
9 tie downs

Capacity 1000 lbs.

Overall Size:
60" long by 90" wide by 22" high
Bed Size:
 50" long by 90" wide

Perfect for Motor Homes

They are suitable for most vehicles that use a Class
III receiver type hitch. Each utility trailer comes with a unique 
two-point hitch adapter  that easily fits right onto 
your  receiver hitch. 

The trailers are ruggedly built to exness mt5 setup withstand the rigors of highway 
travel and are easily stored indoors when not in use. Just stand it up
 against the wall.

Tire Size:
4.80x8 "c" rated (740 lbs.) each
Optional Tire Sizes Available
Optional Floor Deck Available https://www.trading-platform.com.pk/exness-mt5/

Heavy Duty Model
1000 lb. capacity 

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