Tow Dolly

Tow Dolly for vehicle also carries 
Motorcycle, Golf Cart or ATV.

Tow your vehicle behind your RV, or motor home with this exness mt5 tow dolly
and, also, haul your motorcycle, Harley, golf cart, ATV, sport or dirt bikes.

The Tandem Tow ST is the workhorse of our product line. With the Tandem Tow ST you can tow your vehicle and your Golf Cart, ATV or Motorcycle at the same time as you hookup and tow a small "Toad" car.

Tandem Tow HD has a larger axle rating and load exness metatrader 5 download capacity. With the Tandem Tow HD you can tow a larger "Toad" car and still carry a Golf Cart, ATV or Motorcycle. The HD model will generally be able to carry a large Bike and a full sized car or truck. 

With the Tandem Tow HDXL Dolly you can transport your vehicle and 2 motorcycles or ATV's at the 
same time. Motorcycles can be brought along just as easily. Just run the bike onto the track, strap
 it down, and you can be on your way to your next rally. Using the Tandem Tow Dolly to carry your 
bike provides a way to bring your car along also for those occasions where four wheels are just what
 you need.

Simply attach the tandem tow dolly to your motor home or RV, hook up your vehicle, and then load
your motorcycle, ATV, or golf cart. It is a tow dolly, and it is a sport trailer, too!
When you arrive at your destination, unload your vehicle from the tandem dolly, and now, attach 
the dolly to your vehicle.
 Now, the dolly becomes a trailer for your www/ motorcycle, ATV, or golf cart behind the 
vehicle it was transporting for local excursions. 
The tandem dolly can be used as a trailer for your sport toys 
all year 
when you are not out on the road in your RV, or motor home.
No need to alter your motor home's frames installing a motorcycle carrier that you 
can only use when you use your RV.

Tandem Tow Dolly Purchasing Guide
Please follow the link to the purchasing guide. This is 
the formula to check the compatibility of your motor coach. 


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Tandem Tow Dolly
Patent Pending

Tandem tow dolly
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With the innovative Patent Pending design of the Race City RV Tandem Tow™ Dolly you can transport your Car and your Golf Cart, ATV, or Motorcycle to the campground or your destination together.

Whether you need your Golf Cart for riding the links, cruising thru your park, for trail riding your ATV, or even attending the next Bike week with your favorite 2 wheeler, you can have the best of both worlds at your side.

You can have your golf cart with you at your favorite park without having to use a full sized trailer to haul everything or have someone else transport the cart for you.

Because RV site space is limited, the Tandem Tow™ Dolly fits within an area just 30" longer than a standard Tow Dolly. In fact, at an RV site, it can tuck up under the rear of your Motor Home.

2 Cart Tracks

High Gloss Polyester Powder
 Coated Finish

1 Pair of Loading Ramps

Smooth & Easy Towing

Multiple Position Car Locator for correct balance

3500 lb Load Rating

Vehicle Tie Down Straps

Full Fenders with Inner Liners

205/75R 14" Radial 6Ply Rated Trailer Tires-1760lb Load Rating Ea.

Safe to Load

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Adjustable plates

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