Now you can take your Car AND your Golf Cart with you . . . .

With our innovative Tandem Tow Dolly you can now transport your vehicle and your Golf Cart, ATV or Motorcycle to your destination at the same time. Leisure time has just become more rewarding by using the Tandem Tow Dolly. Whether you use your Golf Cart for riding the links or cruising thru your RV park, you will be able to enjoy having it with you as you travel. For ATV riders, taking both a car and an ATV along becomes as simple as load up and go. Hunters and fun riders alike can have the best of both worlds in bringing what's needed on that next expedition. Motorcycles can tote along just as easily. Just run the bike onto the track, strap it down, and you can be on your way to your next rally. Using the Tandem Tow Dolly to carry your bike provides a way to bring your car along also for those occasions where four wheels are just what you need. Using the loading ramps supplied with your Tandem Tow Dolly provides an easy way to load the car and the bike for transport quickly and easily.

Having a car and a Golf Cart, ATV, or Motorcycle along without using a much larger trailer or having someone else transport them will save space at your RV park, help save on fuel and provide a more convenient way plan a trip. The Tandem Tow Dolly is just 30" longer than a standard tow dolly and can probably tuck under the rear of your Motor Home.

The Tandem Tow Dolly features an Adjustable Car Swivel Plate. This feature allows adjustment of the weight distribution to "fine tune" your load. The tongue weight can be changed by moving the Adjustable Car Swivel Plate within a series of holes to provide compliance with your hitch requirements. Of course, the weight of the Car and the secondary vehicle have an affect on these adjustments.

The Tandem Tow Dolly can be supplied with the optional Hydraulic Surge Brakes or Electric Brakes. (If the Electric Brake system is ordered, the braking controller is not supplied). Tie Down Straps are included for securing the Car to the dolly. The Tandem Tow Dolly is finished in a durable high gloss powder coated Royal Blue and Silver finish for long lasting durability and good looks. Options also available include the Motorcycle Track, Spare Tire with Mounting Bracket, Replacement Vehicle Straps, and Optional Color schemes to match your RV.





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