Purchase Guidelines for the Tandem Tow Dolly System


Weight is the most important factor to consider when purchasing the Tandem Tow convertible dolly system.  The weight factors to consider are:

  1. GAWR:  Gross Axle Weight Rating.  The Tandem Tow Axle is rated for 3500 lbs maximum weight bearing on the axle.  This would include the weight of  the Tandem Tow Dolly, the front weight of the towed car and the weight of the Golf Cart, ATV, Motorcycle, or other “secondary vehicle”.

An example:                             Car – front weight          =         1984 lbs

                                                Tandem Tow Dolly           =               850 lbs

                                                                  Golf Cart           =               760 lbs

                                           (subtract) Tongue Wt     .     =              -200 lbs

                                                                        TOTAL                    3394 lbs

This would be an acceptable load to carry.

In order to have an estimate of the size or weight of a vehicle to carry by the tandem Tow Dolly, we have found that the front weight of a typical front wheel drive car is approximately 62% of the vehicle weight.  So a 3200 lb car would have a front weight 
of approx. 1984 lbs. The maximum weight of a car to be carried will change depending on the weight of the secondary vehicle carried, a lighter secondary vehicle such as a motorcycle of 500 lbs rather than a golf cart of 750 lbs will allow a heavier car to 
be carried.  Typically, carrying a golf cart and a car allows a smaller towed vehicle in order to stay within weight requirements.

  1. GVWR:  Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.  The maximum weight that the Tandem Tow Dolly is rated to carry.
  1. GVW:  The GVW will be the weight of the loaded Tandem Tow Dolly as you would use it.  To obtain the GVW for your particular needs, total up the Tandem Tow Dolly (850lbs) plus the towed Car (??lbs). this total must not exceed the Tandem Tow GVWR which is 5000lbs.
  1. GCWR:  Gross Combined Weight Rating.  The weight rating that the Motor home or tow vehicle manufacturer has se as the combined maximum weight of a fully loaded Motor Home added to a loaded (including the weight of the entire towed car) Tandem Tow Dolly.

GVWR of Motor Home  +  GVWR of Tandem Tow  =  GCWR

  1. GCW:  The Gross Combined Weight (GCW) is the weigh of your Motor Home or Tow Vehicle  combined with the total weight (including the weight of the entire towed car) of the loaded Tandem Tow Dolly.  GVW of Motor Home  +  GVW of Tandem Tow  =  GCW.

The GCW must not exceed the GCWR of the Tow Vehicle (Motor Home).

Please note:  The above information is for estimating only, you are responsible for complying with all maximum weight requirements when using the Tandem Tow Dolly system. 




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