The Gross Weight carried on the Tandem Tow Dolly Axle must NEVER exceed 3500lbs. This includes the weight of the towed vehicle at the front wheels, the weight of the Cart and the weight of the Dolly itself. An example would be to compute the Axle weight as follows: Dolly =600lbs, Vehicle front axle weight =1700lbs and the Golf Cart =700lbs. Then, subtract the tongue weight =200lbs. The total Dolly Axle weight carried would be 2800lbs.

(Note: This is an example only, individual use will vary and must be determined for each application.)

The Gross Weight of the Tandem Tow Dolly and the load it carries must NEVER exceed the GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) of the Tow Vehicle. This includes the weight of the Dolly combined with the weight of the towed vehicle and the weight of the Golf Cart, ATV, Motorcycle, or other secondary vehicle.
The tongue weight of the Tandem Tow Dolly must be in compliance with the Rated Hitch Capacity of the Tow Vehicle. The tongue weight is adjusted by moving the Swivel Plate location with the series of adjustment holes provided, which shifts weight towards or away from the tongue of the Dolly. When making this adjustment, the pivot bolt and nut must be tightened to a point of having at least 3 threads of the end of the bolt exposed past the nut. The nut is a self locking style, and should always be stiffly rotating, if not, it must be replaced before using the dolly.
The Straps for fastening the towed vehicle to the Swivel Plate are included with your Dolly. Due to different individual applications, tie downs for the Golf Cart, motorcycle, or secondary vehicle are user supplied.
THE DOLLY MUST BE SECURELY HITCHED TO THE TOW VEHICLE BEFORE LOADING. It is the user's responsibility to maintain weight limits, width limits and supply appropriate tie downs to comply with state and federal requirements.
Since the Golf Cart or other secondary vehicle is transported crossways, it must measure less than 102 inches in Length in order to comply with maximum width limits for highway use. The removal of rear facing seats, foot rests, or other accessories may be necessary.
The Tandem Tow Dolly is not intended for commercial applications. Commercial use will void the warranty.
Never attempt to back up with a tow dolly. This will overstress the dolly and cause damage to the dolly, components and towed vehicle.
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