Place an order for the revolutionary Tandem Tow Dolly before December 31st 2003 and get Electric Drum Brakes at no additional Cost...Thatís Right, get brakes for FREE !!



101-M100 Tandem Tow Dolly
Standard Color Blue/Gray
Supplied with 1 set of vehicle straps
no brakes supplied
101-M200 Add-Surge Brakes $350.00
101-M250 Add-Electric Brakes $350.00
101-M150 Motorcycle Rack $150.00
101-M160 Spare Tire and Wheel
  No mount supplied
101-M170 Tote Dolly
  For moving dolly around by hand
101-M909 Replacement Vehicle Straps-Set of 2
(for 13-14" Rim and Tire)
101-M910 Replacement Vehicle Straps-Set of 2
(for 15" Rim and Tire)
101-M911 Replacement Vehicle Straps-Set of 2
(for 16" Rim and Tire)
101-M190 Custom Color Powder Coating $200.00
All Blue
All Gray
All Pewter
All Bronze
101-M180 Crating for Motor Freight $150.00


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